My main squeeze's new audio/visual blog: MAN-MADE OBJECTS. He writes the songs & shoots the video & then ties a little bow on top & gives it to you on this blog.
You can also listen to him on MySpace.


Two worlds collide

As I gear up for my gig as a fashion week video producer, I am happy to find this gem of picture: Pee-Wee in Band of Outsiders.
I will be at the show this season (working, of course), and I will poop myself if Pee-Wee shows up. Reason #586 to have an iPhone during Fashion Week (and I don't, ugh): Be prepared to get my pic posing with personal icon (who has horrible look on his face because of my consequently stinky pants).
Here's the accompanying article to the pic above: Interview Mag.


She's 13 & brilliant.

Fashion collages by Tavi. From Kawakubo to National Geographic, she's spot on.

I can only hope for an interview this season.

Photos by Tavi, of course. Screen grab from WWD's Spring 2010 video coverage.

Trash! Won't pick it up...

My pal, Casey, has a new blog documenting Brooklyn trash. Hear that, Manhattan? Our trash is just as cool as yours!
When she's not hunting down her native rubbish, she focuses her creative talents on less stinky endeavors:

Uh, how do you call your lover boy?


Corita Kent

I hate to be one of those bloggers that just reposts things that other people have discovered, but this is just too good. Lena probably just started a blogging domino effect with her latest post about artist/activist Corita Kent. Corita Kent (a.k.a. Sister Mary Corita) was part of the Immaculate Heart Community and was committed to social justice and peace in the world. She was the head of the Immaculate Heart College art department and a prolific serigraphic and screenprint artist. I just read she was also friends with Charles Eames... My inspiration alarm is dinging wildly.