A) Ok, I've decided that I officially like the Fleet Foxes.

B) Hot Tub Time Machine is hilarious.

C) And, I may have just peed myself a little bit. (Thanks, Jamie!)


Too much?
Perhaps some mountains will be involved in said wedding...
Continually oscillating between buying a dress... making a dress... buying a dress... making a dress...
I could sell some stuff on ebay and pitch in for one of these lovelies:
(l-r: Phillip Lim, Rachel Comey, Phillip Lim)

OR order some fabric in my watercolor design & make my own damn dress...


Moved my desk in front of the window. I think it's helping. Feeling more inspired...


I was just reminded of how much I love Erik Satie... I grew up listening to one of my father's record of Satie's "Gymnopédies". I must find a way to work his music into our ceremony. Perhaps we should dance a moody pas de deux down the aisle to the following (Gnossienne No.1).

Just reading about him - he was an interesting feller.


Spent most of the day trying to make the perfect watercolor "ink blot" for our wedding invitation design:


In a heartbeat...

From Catskill Farms


I've really been itching to put my photographer hat back on lately. Luckily, I have a shoot coming up with my sweet (and very talented) friend, Travis, and his band, deVries. We're heading out to Tilden Beach later this month to shoot some updated photos with the band's new line up.
Tilden Beach is really an old fort (AKA "Fort Tilden") with lots of abandoned concrete structures scattered along the beach dunes. I've been wanting to check it out for a while now.
I'm always collecting inspiration images. Before a shoot, I'll gather them up and try to get a sense of why I was drawn to them. My "deVries" folder has a lot of Beatles & Joy Division in it:

George, the neverending inspiration.

Joy Division by Anton Corbijn.

Oops, wrong folder...


I can't tell you how much engagement photos annoy me.BUT this one of our friends, Jonny & Kaitlyn, is super cute. They're getting married this month, and, sadly, we can't make it. Fortunately, we have Jonny's collages to get us through:
Engagement photo by Elyse Fair
Collages by Jonny
Portrait of Jonny by me


Zabriskie Point

I watched Antonioni's Zabriskie Point a few nights ago. Truthfully, I fast-fowarded through the bulk of it (not the best screenplay in the world), but it was one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. It makes me want to go back to OK and shoot in the mesas and salt plains. I love these promo photos from the film: