basquiat & i shot andy warhol both came out during my junior year of high school. i was really inspired by jean-michel at the time (not to mention i had the hots for him)(or jeffrey wright)(or both). even now, i am still really looking foward to seeing the radiant child.

and i'm hoping to see i am love this weekend. :)


beautiful suturno tiles.





i'm waiting to post wedding pics until i can gather more together... we may even retake a few portraits in our nuptials attire... until then, here's my shoes! :)


spending the hot day tidying up my mom's garden... but when i come in for a break, i'm peepin' this new web gem.
god bless courtney love.

(is it crazy that i'm sad the wedding's over? i'm sort of having withdrawals... aye!)


i can't help it. i'm so anxious to get our wedding photos that i'm posting pictures of trash (and the beautiful cacti from our reception tables).
waiting for the pics to roll in. 'til then...


it was a beautiful night. i'm a happy girl. pics to follow...


tie dye. :)crepe myrtle & diana lens. :)scored a rockin' masonic ring of my great-grandfather's while trolling thru the family jewels. :)


gathering up the raw materials...
really want to see the kiki smith 'sojourn' exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.

great article here.


holy cow.
Fiona Banner - Harrier and Jaguar (2010) at the Tate
via but does it float


A few years ago, I produced a video shoot for a Solange Knowles performance at the Thompson LES Hotel. That's where I recognized that this indpendent and fiesty Knowles was a lot more interesting to me than her big sis (Beyoncé). She took the no-rise stage with vigor -- cursing and dancing hard -- while Marc Jacobs and crew screamed & whistled. I was happy to see Refinery29 cover her style here. Anyone recognize the Boxing Kitten top I blogged about a few days ago? It's perfect on her.I looove these shoes!!!