oh, no. not only am i neglecting this blog, i've started a new one. a tumblr. i'm so a.d.d.
things i would put in a store. my imaginary, wishful-thinking store, that is...


one of my very favorite photographers, autumn de wilde, has a new blog! it's full of visual treats of her work & friends (like rodarte, elliot smith, and the white stripes). she even throws up vintage pics by her father, jerry, every now & again. beautiful, inspiring stuff.this last pic is me at the ss '10 rodarte (condor!) show. i interviewed the awesome mulleavy sisters but was too shy to go up to autumn and introduce myself while she clicked away backstage... (and there were free van leeuwen cones!) :)




through the grace of the lord internet, i just stumbled upon hanna sandin's mobile art... it is so beautiful. you really can't beat a simple composition of line, shape, & color...

the shop mc&co in my neighborhood carries some of her pieces (including her samma jewelry line). i'm hoping to make it down there soon and get a look in person.

her samma lookbook video is really sweet, too...

pics via lmcc & samma


hey hey

you heard me.


oil paintings (oil paintings!!!) of cacti (cacti!!!)

by korean artist kwangho lee

via a desert fete < design boom


candle making with my niece.


various products... available soon. :)

and p.s. i am love was beautiful. highly recommended.