these beautiful works of art...

are just the packaging for these covetable mobiles...

by at swim-two-birds



i finally made it down to the lovely mc&co today. i love a spacious, white-walled shop. the pieces (hardly mere products) were well-edited and well-composed. i could have taken my camera in and spent hours setting up different compositions... instead, i took a few snaps with my iphone.
the last pic is of a hanna sandin mobile. you may recall i raved about her work in an earlier post. the scale was much larger than i envisioned. i think the necklaces are hers, as well.
worth a trip, if you're in brooklyn. enjoy!


or these little ditties from madewell:


and... want.

both available at oak.


interesting image day:

basque eta...

galliano & tavi.


ok, wait, one more thing...
just wanted to share this pic i just got from my dear aunt. for her recent birthday, i did a little painting of her new kitty, chassit (on right, i screwed up the name, gah). she hung it up next to a painting she did years ago of an old cat of hers whose name escapes me. i like hers much better, but they look sweet together.
i have to say i love animal portraits. my mom has a few drawings & photos on her wall of past dogs & cats, too. we love our animals. :)
well, bloggerettes & bloggerdudes (are there really any dudes that read my blog???) - i am about to disappear into that otherly world we call "fashion week video production" where time & space (and certainly BLOGS, or mine, anyway) don't exist... i shall reemerge with wedding pictures to share and hopefully some sneaky backstage iphone snapshots (of gaunt, rich models & b-listers)! :)
'til then, here's a peek at our wedding pics that i have finally started to sift through...