this week, i stumbled upon two posts on hand-carved stamps, one from celia and one from jenny. as a big fan of stamps, i now want to try carving my own! and so now, my new art/craft to-do list, as it looks after this week:

1. take a pottery wheel class // start making ceramics
2. hand-carve some stamps!

photo from geninne (she has some very informative stamp-carving tutorials)

p.s. am i really late to the party here, or have you all already discovered the amazing artists' archive that is UBUWEB?? as i typed, i was listening to marcel duchamp read "'the creative act,' a paper presented to the convention of the american federation of arts in houston, texas, april 1957." there are loads of interviews, audio & film recordings, transcribed papers & manifestos, and more to check out by artists, authors, playwrights & poets, ethno-musicologists, etc. check it out!



we stopped by creatures of comfort (finally!) & chatted with the sweet sisters of duo.


from the global village... in the age of communication... new york city!!!

(anyone else out there a deee-lite freak? i still love & listen to their first album. it was the first tape i listened to over & over & over... and i'm convinced it sparked my love for this city.)


i'm not exactly sure how i stumbled upon parisian artist, nathalie lete, although it was surely through happily meandering on the interwebs... i'm totally enamored with her ceramics work, where she creates little menageries of everything from wild creatures & mountaintops to body parts & hanging meat. i know we're all obsessing with ceramics lately... (well, i am. aren't you?!) i mean, i've recently added taking a pottery wheel class to my list of things to do. however, nathalie's work is an uplifting & colorful departure from all of the minimal heath & japanese speckle-glazed pottery i've been adding to my wish-list lately.
(please click to enlarge!)
she paints & embroiders & makes rugs, too (among many other things).and you can't really beat this portrait by clarisse demory of the lovely, lovely ensuite blog. in it, nathalie wears an issey miyake dinosaur dress, textile pattern of her own design.

you can see photos of nathalie's workshop on ensuite or view more of nathalie's work on her website.


good sunday morning, brooklyn.


i am such a zombie today. we got up suuuper early to catch a flight to new york this morning. we've been dealing with lots of ice & snow lately (snowpocalypse, anyone??!) and left early enough to get to the airport safely. i am a nervous flyer anyway, but between the roads, the flight, launching my new online shop (!!!), and work, i've sort of been a ball of nerves the last few days. (ok, i've been a bit of a basketcase.) so, it was such a sweet and calming surprise to finally get to the loft we're staying at in brooklyn and see how amazing & welcoming it is. i really haven't missed the city since we've moved, but maybe i do a little now... i mean, one could get used to that view! sunsets in new york??? new york has a horizon??! who knew!? one could also get used to sitting in one's eames(ish) lounge chair, sipping on one's chock-full-of-nuts while one works... duhhhhh.
all right, i am obviously losing it... besides, we have peruvian food to order-in! yay!
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the softest bamboo stuffing...
we are snowed in today...