i really, really like hydrangeas. i miss the little mutli-colored pink & blue & purple hydrangea bush in my brooklyn apartment's backyard. they'd be in bloom about now, i suspect. so would that beautiful overgrown red rose bush on the neighbor's trellis...

(photos: unkown)

i've been playing bass in my husband's band. we have a show coming up & i'm trying to figure out how to channel my inner kazu.
(that's kazu makino from blonde redhead.) ♥ ♥ ♥


rachel comey resort 2012. geez. love not only the clothes but the set-ups & styling. i mean, SO much.


ceramics inspiration abounds. get me to the house of clay, quick!

l-r: anntian, glazes (!!!), juliet gorman, unknown, katy krantz


two of my very favorite things:
hockney & stripes... rolled into one neatly packaged little item.


updated my online shop with new summer soy candles & travel tin sets! xx

♥ first anniversary dinner at home... right before the power went out and we ended up outside, unplugged, hanging out under the stars for hours... perfect. ♥


this day, last year.


it has recently come to my attention that i should maybe offer international shipping for my OUi online shop... what do you think? i know there is an international readership on this blog. i'd love to hear your opinion. xx


just finished up two NEW summer soy candles: jasmine honeysuckle & rose patchouli! i'll add them to the OUi online shop soon. also, new travel tin trio sets comprised of each scent i've made so far. all of the candles are made of eco soy wax, natural wicks, and a blend of essential oils & safe fragrance oils (no phthalates!). xx