p.s. my friend, kaitlyn, and i both showed up to last night's party as andy warhol. we decided she was "eighties andy" and i was "sixties andy". i threw it together last minute -- reused the beiber wig!

it got chilly this weekend!!! i'm looking forward to breaking out this quilt that my mom made using some of caitlin's fabric. (soon, we'll have a few mociun curtains, too.) :)


morning beach stroll in florida last weekend, heading to mom's compost bin (pre-dinner), and late bloomers in mom's garden. :)


something new this way comes...


bead-making party with keely! good times.


fun with cut-outs
modern shimenawa

a.k.a. confetti system. i love them so much. i think they're my heroes... (i mean, cibo matto hats & exotic paper birds. come on!)


i'm working on some new ceramic products that i'm so excited to show you! (but it'll be a few weeks still...) in the meantime, here's an AWESOME ceramics pinterest to take a gander at. :) xx

porcelain mountains from marianne nielsen bjerge via said pinterest


sending a new batch of oui candles to duo this week. :) if you're in nyc, stop by and check out their sweet shop. xx

photos from duo's fashion's night out party last month.


earlier this year, i was asked to contribute a "soy candle in a jar" how-to for the new book, state of craft, which will be released this month! the book features fun how-to's and interviews from the likes of hello sandwich, tatty devine, and erin dollar. i'm looking forward to getting my copy in the mail!

published by london-based cicada & distributed in the US by ARTBOOK.


this is something that i - as a designer who wants to make a living by creating quality, long-lasting goods and a consumer who has eyes bigger than her wallet - have been thinking a lot about lately. (be sure and read the comment section for a continued discussion.) xx


i really want the new demeter ring from odette.

i love to go overboard for a good birthday. not pictured? mylar dinosaur balloons, mariachi band, streamer expolosion, party hats... :)