i hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend. mine was relaxing, which i definitely needed. my life lately has been all kittens, pop-up shop, and work. luckily, this weekend i got to clean & get organized, catch up on my cooking (!!!), and spend some time with family.

for those of you interested in my online pop-up shop, i aiming have it up online in the next week or so. i feel like i've been saying this a lot lately, but... stay tuned!


the online pop-up shop, it's happening! it may be a week or so before i can get it all online, so stay tuned for details (or sign up for the OUI mailing list over there >>>)... and there will be a handful of ceramics from the new collection available!

update 5/28/12: the shop will be online in a week. sorry for the delay & thanks for your patience! x

the oui pop-up shop was this weekend! it was so much fun! thanks to all of the designers who participated, and thanks to better block okc for having me. i'm still unwinding from it all... but i'm thinking online pop-up very soon. stay tuned! xx
and bloemenmarkt, my next door neighbors for the weekend.



pop-up OUI update #1: got the keys, measured, dropped off the paint. eee!


so much going on these days... we just had a super busy three weeks at work, and today is the first day i have been able to do anything for myself in that time. unfortunately, i've been a little under the weather, but i'm at least trying to catch up on emails. two other important and super exciting things: i'm doing a pop-up shop may 18-19, and we just adopted two kittens!!! more on both soon. for now, i'll leave you with a lovely video on LA artist peter shire. xx