I've been growing my hair out for this wedding of ours for about a year or so now, with the idea of putting it "back" or "up" or whatever your supposed to do with wedding hair... and you know how hard it is to keep growing it when it gets annoying and all you ever do is put it in a sad, little ponytail everyday. Consequently, I've been daydreaming about cutting it again à la Lissy Trullie or a Bauhaus gal.
Although, I'm very close to this cute 'do of Chloe's, so that is a little encouragement to keep on truckin'.
Not so secretly, I really just want to double (triple?) process my hair & tone it platinum.

Lissie Trullie pic by Drew Innis
Bauhaus gal: Gertrud Arndt
blunt bangs gal via
Chloe Sevigny pic via

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