took a day trip to connecticut yesterday. we visited silverman's farm & bought $45 worth of apples & pumpkins.
my faves were the warty pumpkins. there were also some really beautiful pink & green pumpkins. more gourds gone wild on my flickr...

we spent the rest of the day touring a monument of modern archictecture: philip johnson's glass house. i took a million pics & videos, and i hope to them up on the interwebs sometime soonish... if you're at all interested in modern architecture & art, i highly recommend taking the guided tour. amazing. i spent a good 20 minutes in a tiny underground gallery filled with oversized frank stella paintings, trolled thru a field where merce cunningham dancers & the velvet underground once spent sixties summer nights frolicking, and refrained from sitting in original mies van der rohe chairs that andy warhol spent a considerable amount of time in... i mean, really.

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nanana said...

can you say "jealous"?????