well... we're packing up the apartment. it is very bittersweet. we are leaving brooklyn after living in the same neighborhood (same block, for me!) for 7 1/2 years. although we are excited about the change (& we'll be back in the city for work nearly two months out of the year!), breaking up with new york has proven hard to do...

we are headed to the midwest, and i have a short list of new yorkie things i'd really like to do before we check out of this city for good:

• visit the new creatures of comfort store in noho
• visit printed matter in chelsea
• buy a few small dishes at the muji store
• eat at luke's lobster (this is non-negotiable!!!)
• eat one last really good sushi meal
• see the tim barber "burning bridges" show

so, back to packing. i'll leave you with this pic of me & grant from a sweet wedding we attended last weekend. our friend, noelle (one half of the identical twin duo extraordinaire, hello again girls), married sweet patrick. the wedding featured lots of cute little details (the bride wore a cool braided shrug from etsy!). i'll let you all know when she gets her pics online - it's worth a peek!

until i resurface...

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