last wednesday, i got a very cool & totally unexpected shout-out from brides.com: inclusion in their "10 best wedding invites of 2010" story! so, because of that and as part of my year-end purge, i thought i'd share one last tidbit from our wedding: the invitation suite design (and then, i'm calling it a wrap!)

the how-to for those on a real budget:
we wanted to keep the entire wedding artful, handmade, modern & simple, all on a very serious budget. inspired both by nature and the city (we call both the midwest & nyc home), we wanted the wedding & invitations to reflect that.
i started making little watercolor blots, not knowing exactly where i was going with them. i scanned some of my favorites into photoshop and realized that they made great mountains. one of my prized possessions is a drawing of mountains by husband, so i knew right away that it was the perfect image for us.
we hired the amazing betsy dunlap to do the calligraphy. she sent us a digital file of our names in her beautiful hand-written style - a very affordable way to have a customized look without the custom price! i assembled the image, names & text in photoshop.
after a long search, i found a reasonably priced printshop in soho - soho reprographics. i gave them my files, and they digitally printed & cut the invitations - about 100 invitations for under $100. i was so happy with their price, paper, & print quality, especially after many disappointing visits with some very expensive (not to mention, cheap-looking) "wedding" printers.
we included a small rsvp card that i ordered online via overnight prints for under $25. we took a small instant photo (fuji instax) of the manhattan skyline from our neighborhood in brooklyn. the photo became the front of the rsvp card, and i added the online rsvp info on the back. i printed the cards two-to-a-postcard and cut them in half myself.the invitation, rsvp card, and a small square of matching tissue paper were tucked into a kraft paper envelope (about $50 at jam paper) and sealed with matching washi tape. betsy also hand-addressed each envelope, and i had a custom return-address stamp made in the same font as our invitations (also from soho repro, about $30).the mountain design was featured throughout the wedding - on programs, fabric, signage... i got lots of mileage out of those little watercolor blots! for more of our wedding, clickie here.

now, back to the freaks & geeks marathon and plotting my new-year-all-veggie-all-the-time-run-yoga-go-to-sleep-early-read-a-book-and-make-shit-happen plan...


tylercase said...

really perfect!

Erin said...

These are so beautiful!

Various Projects said...

thank you, erin! :)

simple things said...

Oh yes. These are great. And now I have lost a good part of my morning reading through your blog and about your wedding. It is very much like I want my wedding to look. It is so inspiring!

Various Projects said...

oh, how sweet. :) thx for looking & hope to see the (what i'm sure will be lovely) results of your nuptials! xx