it's a sweet surprise to pop onto lena corwin's blog and see some of the mociun pics i snapped. :)
more + sale here.
went out with friends last night & had some "pico de gallo" - watermelon w/fresh lime, salt & chili powder. it was delicious!
on side note: my favorite vegetarian had a momentary lapse in judgment & wanted to first make sure the "chili" didn't have any meat in it. she opted for the grilled corn!


I've been into African wax prints lately, and I just stumbled upon the perfect summer outfit from Boxing Kitten. I want!!!

You can find the Zsou Zsou bra top & Millie bottoms online. The line reminds me a lot of another new favorite of mine, Suno.


i want to rename this blog "creative discipline" - as a daily reminder to myself.
For our wedding reception, I really want an artful alternative to the old-photos-in-frames-on-a-table, as well as something that will look good (& fill space!) in the big empty gallery... I've decided to do a photo wall with old family photos & pictures of us through the years. Some images that I keep referring to:

(L to R:)
• For the life of me, I can't find the source of these top two photos, although I'm fairly certain they both came from sneak peeks on Design*Sponge
• The photo wall from Cheri & David's endlessly inspiring wedding party
• My newest obsession: Happy Tape


As the countdown to our wedding begins, I thought I would share some inspiration pics for the upcoming nuptials. First up: mobiles & garlands & streamers, oh my!

(L to R:)
• driftwood mobiles via NYTimes & Paul Noll
confetti system garland & merci fabric streamers via montmartre
tsumori chisato paris store mobiles via montmartre & more merci streamers via dwell studio
i am really looking forward to tilda swinton's new film, "i am love".


"we photograph ourselves to stop, for a fleeting moment, the arrow of time passing by." - diego goldberg


well, we're officially hitched! now, onto the wedding (next month!)...

the bride wore mociun, sigerson morrison, grandmother's timex, st. kilda rings, homemade bouquet...
i'm pretty sure the groom wore mostly uniqlo, vans, homemade herbal boutonniere, and a 1903 masonic ring from erie basin.


I've been growing my hair out for this wedding of ours for about a year or so now, with the idea of putting it "back" or "up" or whatever your supposed to do with wedding hair... and you know how hard it is to keep growing it when it gets annoying and all you ever do is put it in a sad, little ponytail everyday. Consequently, I've been daydreaming about cutting it again à la Lissy Trullie or a Bauhaus gal.
Although, I'm very close to this cute 'do of Chloe's, so that is a little encouragement to keep on truckin'.
Not so secretly, I really just want to double (triple?) process my hair & tone it platinum.

Lissie Trullie pic by Drew Innis
Bauhaus gal: Gertrud Arndt
blunt bangs gal via
Chloe Sevigny pic via
Oh, Saipua bouquet... is it too late for us?

Correction 6/10/10: Oops. Pic #2 (pulled from my deep vat of archived wedding inspiration photos) isn't actually from Saipua. It was handmade by this lovely bride.


Rewatching the Beatles Anthology.
I'm really loving photographer Robin Schwartz's series, "Amelia's World". She photographs her daughter with various exotic creatures, and somehow the images are genuine and fantastical at the same time.


i need grass in my life.

image from here


Charlotte Gainsbourg & Sofia Coppola both have a certain quiet creativity that I admire... And I love Melodie McDaniel's work, too. (She took the Sofia pic.)

The Charlotte pic is from her new video for Time of the Assassins.