i've got shoe fever.

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some beautiful images from photographer geordie wood's latest series The Long Skies, which documents southwest iceland as it was shrouded in ash following the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull last april...


how amazing are these table settings from a le fooding event in (of course) paris??? me and my nesting mind are thinking cool christmas party dec's, no?
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last season, i had the opportunity to intern with brooklyn designer & creative lady extraordinaire, caitlin mociun. among the highlights for me were working on a few of her newest fall prints (as shown below), as well as shooting the spring & fall 2010 collections.
caitlin's newest collection is up on her online store now. it's a beautiful mix of silks, signature prints, and multi-functional silhouettes. check it out here.


since we went pumpkin patch pickin', i got all country on your asses & decided to make some fall candles with some of our bounty. pumpkin candles!!!
step 1: purchase martha worthy tiny pumpkinsperfectly crafty and creepy. :)
instructions on my flickr.


pardon my obsession...
stone wallsFireplaceshadowsperfectThe Sculpture Buildingda Monsta - interior
even more pictures (along with some relevant info) on my flickr.


took a day trip to connecticut yesterday. we visited silverman's farm & bought $45 worth of apples & pumpkins.
my faves were the warty pumpkins. there were also some really beautiful pink & green pumpkins. more gourds gone wild on my flickr...

we spent the rest of the day touring a monument of modern archictecture: philip johnson's glass house. i took a million pics & videos, and i hope to them up on the interwebs sometime soonish... if you're at all interested in modern architecture & art, i highly recommend taking the guided tour. amazing. i spent a good 20 minutes in a tiny underground gallery filled with oversized frank stella paintings, trolled thru a field where merce cunningham dancers & the velvet underground once spent sixties summer nights frolicking, and refrained from sitting in original mies van der rohe chairs that andy warhol spent a considerable amount of time in... i mean, really.


i have a date with philip johnson & a 7d tomorrow. i can't wait!
god, i wish i were french... (or french enough to really claim it!)
inspiring parisian decor from ensuite.


without further ado.... OUR WEDDING PICS! but you have to click over to the lovely a desert fete to see them. as if that's a chore! :)


loving these striped spring '11 looks from (l-r) comme des garçons & junya watanabe.