i'm not exactly sure how i stumbled upon parisian artist, nathalie lete, although it was surely through happily meandering on the interwebs... i'm totally enamored with her ceramics work, where she creates little menageries of everything from wild creatures & mountaintops to body parts & hanging meat. i know we're all obsessing with ceramics lately... (well, i am. aren't you?!) i mean, i've recently added taking a pottery wheel class to my list of things to do. however, nathalie's work is an uplifting & colorful departure from all of the minimal heath & japanese speckle-glazed pottery i've been adding to my wish-list lately.
(please click to enlarge!)
she paints & embroiders & makes rugs, too (among many other things).and you can't really beat this portrait by clarisse demory of the lovely, lovely ensuite blog. in it, nathalie wears an issey miyake dinosaur dress, textile pattern of her own design.

you can see photos of nathalie's workshop on ensuite or view more of nathalie's work on her website.

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