a few shots from our recent trip to nyc...

sunday "dinner" with aunt mary in ct.

a trip to bird, w'burg.

i think i've found the best affordable florist in the city. he's on 9th ave (between 51st & 52nd) & does wonders with ranunculus.

ate lots of good food: pho (at cha pa's) & brunch (at five leaves)...

and dessert (at momofuku milk bar).

junky jewelry in hell's kitchen & a stroll thru the old 'hood (williamsburg).

shadows & reflections at marc jacobs

funky mosaics: east village optometrist & dolly parton bathroom (at vinyl).

pink brooklyn sunsets...

fluorescent hay bails at rodarte. waiting to interview the mulleavy sisters (who are chatting with miss tavi).

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judybug said...

loved seeing your pics, angela. the space you were staying in looked great!