super excited about some ceramic pieces i've been working on. i haven't worked with clay since high school art class. i loved it then, and i'm loving it now. here's a peek... i'm even starting a pottery wheel class next week. YAY!!!

my nieces came over and made some stuff, too. this is "mr. moboto". :)


simple things said...

I'm very curious about that first image - I can't wait to see where those pieces go. I've been working with ceramics lately too. It's so satisfying, isn't it?

Any plans with Mr Moboto?

Various Projects said...

super satisfying. i love it. i'll post more images of the process as i go along. hopefully some finished pieces in the next few weeks.
mr. moboto, on the other hand, is my niece, samantha's creation. we'll see how she finishes him up. :)

nanana said...

love love love the beads. What are you doing with them???

Various Projects said...

thx! they'll be glazed this week or next and then made into necklaces! :)