workin' on a OUI shop update... gotta churn out some stock and working on a new product!!! this is one of the new 9 oz. soy candles hanging out among my pinch pot collection... it's available in three scents: honeysuckle jasmine, patchouli rose, and cedarwood rosemary vanilla. 60+ hours burn time. safe & sustainable, with absolutely no toxic fragrances, phthalates, additives, or petro-chemicals. xx

* did you know most candles are made with petro-chemicals? paraffin wax and additives blended into natural waxes (soy, beeswax) are made with chemically-engineered petroleum-based products. additives are used for everything from making a stronger scent throw to reducing burn speed and are used in most candles, even "soy candles"... and then you burn it. think about that next time you go to light your favorite candle in your home. don't even get me started on the toxic chemicals in most fragrances. in the name of health and sustainability... xx


Belinda [simple things] said...

That's a serious candle! And you already know how much I love seeing with your ceramics, but I had to say it again. It just fits in so beautifully.

Ick. I can't believe that anyone would burn one of those cheap candles now that we know what they are full of.

Various Projects said...

thx, sweets! xx

and don't i know. most candles are full of all kinds of icky stuff. and then they fill up our homes full of bad bad sh*t. it's a really unhealthy choice. :(