saturday glaze fest.


mr. moboto. :)

"it needs tiny flowers."


daily reminder.


packing up a shop order. pretty sure it's time to update the work space...


last night, i finally got tired of guessing about the dishes... so, i made a little clean/dirty tag. :)


new plant!


love this fall vena cava dress & print.


summer nails.

toes, too. :)

happy weekend!


my july 14th back-up has carried into july 15th. backing up makes me want to HACK UP my computer. (not really, computie! i didn't mean it! you're a good girl & you serve me well!!!) ugh.


holy moly! how perfect are these margiela shoes!!!? i think they were made for me. (alas, not for my current budget.)

found here via rennes' beautiful "leaving the house" outfit. :)



my first pot!
so happy to get a little blog love about our first anniversary dinner from the fine folks at the (very) soon to be launched kinfolk magazine!

from kinfolk:
"Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings... Every element of Kinfolk – the features, photography, and general aesthetics – are consistent with the way we feel entertaining should be: simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived. Kinfolk is the marriage of our appreciation for art and design and our love for spending time with family and friends."

i'm looking forward to what they bring to the not-so-metaphorical table. contributors include an array of talented artists, photographers, videographers, designers, & bloggers, like jen causey of the makers project.
kinfolk mag launches this friday, but you can check out their blog & cute trailer now. :) xx


i've had a really great couple of days. yesterday was my birthday! actually, i didn't wake up feeling very exclamation-y... it was the first birthday i've had that i thought i could have done without. i mean, super happy to be alive and everything, but not so super happy to be moving on up in my 30's, if you know what i mean. and since i live back in my home state, my mom threw me a family birthday party (with macadamia nut pie & peach cobbler & presents!). i got a lot of gift certificates to the local garden supply, so i can stock my apartment full of large houseplants which i'm very excited about. i wasn't really looking forward to the party or this birthday, but my family really lifted my spirits. it made me grateful to be home. thanks, family!
i've also had a few fruitful dealings in regards to my line. i am opening myself up a bit more, putting myself out there, getting feedback. it's been very helpful & totally re-energizing. for those of us who design or do creative freelance work, it can get really isolated & lonely spending all that time at home (or in your head). although it's been challenging for me to put myself out there a bit, the rewards have already taught me that it's the right way for me to move forward. i get tired of trying to perfect things in my brain before sharing them with the world. i'm learning that things can be different (and i'm loving it already). thanks, world!




confetti system. such a simple concept, but somehow it just gets better and better. this is from a surprise birthday party for the brilliant abler elbaz.

via jeanniejeannie


super excited about some ceramic pieces i've been working on. i haven't worked with clay since high school art class. i loved it then, and i'm loving it now. here's a peek... i'm even starting a pottery wheel class next week. YAY!!!

my nieces came over and made some stuff, too. this is "mr. moboto". :)