we spent the entire weekend with my husband's family. such a treat. baby nephews & baby sisters & much bigger aunts, parents, and siblings were in town. imagine a perfect saturday afternoon outside on the family farm, three generations lounging in the grass or old metal rockers, the babies climb in sand & pull up huge sweet potatoes from the garden, the patriarch (pictured) whittles, and everyone gets a turn on the old mare. idyllic, really.


beautiful japanese shimenawa.

via building block




strike a pose. the history of voguing. and it has nothing to do with madonna.

oh, how i love the style.
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stewed cherries (á la mark bittman) served over vanilla ice cream (!!!), saw some very cool african jewelry and a persian rug at a local antique store, and i love my new $10 karen walker-esque sunglasses from st. marks...

de la + fela.


workin' on a OUI shop update... gotta churn out some stock and working on a new product!!! this is one of the new 9 oz. soy candles hanging out among my pinch pot collection... it's available in three scents: honeysuckle jasmine, patchouli rose, and cedarwood rosemary vanilla. 60+ hours burn time. safe & sustainable, with absolutely no toxic fragrances, phthalates, additives, or petro-chemicals. xx

* did you know most candles are made with petro-chemicals? paraffin wax and additives blended into natural waxes (soy, beeswax) are made with chemically-engineered petroleum-based products. additives are used for everything from making a stronger scent throw to reducing burn speed and are used in most candles, even "soy candles"... and then you burn it. think about that next time you go to light your favorite candle in your home. don't even get me started on the toxic chemicals in most fragrances. in the name of health and sustainability... xx


eating lunch while watching federer v. djokovic. (cuc's & cherry tomatoes w/ salt, olive oil & lemon, momofuku quick-pickled carrots, sauteed asparagus w/ toasted sesame oil, s+p & lemon, turkey, and brie.)

tiny pots (!!!) at paseo pottery.


so-cal inspired ceramic garlands...


sometimes we are so tempted to just pack-up and head to california... a little so-cal inspiration...

1. salvation mountain
2-3. the lovely colors & textiles of beatrice valenzuela's home, as seen on apartment therapy
4. hadley holliday & heather levine's artwork, also featured in beatrice's home (and all around the internets. i have admired both of their work for a hot minute.)


pinch pots! pinch pots!


i'm really into hands lately.

1. i can't recall the source... anyone??
2. new in the erie basin cabinets
3. so so SO want this aesa necklace
4. 12: modern antiquities via ny times piece
5. world of rah blog
6. no idea, but i want this as a tattoo.


+ amazing sunset rays (unfortunately caused by smoke from rampant wild grass fires in our area).

+ today's lunch spread: lettuce & green onion salad w/turkey & toast croutons, hummus, brie, my cousin's homemade spicy dill pickles, and baguette. mmm...

+ sweet little pinch pots. :)