YES. sometimes you just need to hear certain things. i literally just sat down to find a quote from kim krans on anthology mag so i could write it down and keep it handy. being the procrastinator and blog addict that i am, i stumbled upon this video (via rennes.)

the kim krans quote:
"What’s the biggest challenge of your creative profession?
Phew, this is a big one: steering the wheel! Making sure that my day to day work is steering my business and life in the direction I want it to go. We live in a very distracting world and I could easily end up invoicing, emailing, making a few little drawings, and generally tweeting away my entire year. So I prioritize drawing, and I try to constantly envision my longterm goals, even though every day is filled with a zillion small tasks. Grab the wheel and turn it towards what you want!"

okay... away from the computer i go!

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