SHOP FEATURE: Ruth Borum-Loveland ceramics!

Ruth and I met at art school in college. Since then, she's had a long career as a painter and gallery artist (as well as become a wife, mother, gallery manager, and local Anthropologie window genius). She started working with ceramics on the side, and soon after I began to see pictures of her porcelain and stoneware bowls on facebook... When I was thinking of artists and designers for the (brick & mortar) pop-up shop last month, I immediately thought of her beautiful bowl sets. It wasn't until I picked them up from her that I discovered just how tiny and delicate these pieces actually are. Most of the bowls are 1-2" in diameter and some have little triangle stampings or intricate hand-carvings that really set them apart from other ceramic work I've seen lately. They're incredibly detailed, well-made, and artful. I love them, and I think you will too. Perfect little bowls for your vanity (jewelry!), the kitchen counter (salt cellar!), or simply stacked on the mantle... xx

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