today at work, i was clicking through a local gallery's archives online, and i stumbled upon the work of my former screenprinting professor, dan kiacz. at the time, i only remember seeing one of his pieces - a horse maybe? - and can't recall being at all interested or inspired by it or him. and dan never seemed very impressed by me or my work. it was full of super simple, color blocks and pastel shapes, usually topped off with a screened photo of some shaggy-haired rock & roller (oh, i haven't changed much...) dan died shortly after i graduated - i think of a brain tumor. looking back at his work now, not only do i like it, but he seems so much more interesting to me now than i ever realized as a young, dumb art school kid... here's to dan kiacz.


My Love Wedding Ring said...

The cactus print is stunning!

Various Projects said...

agreed. that's the one that got me first!