bonjour! i am so happy to introduce you to OUi: my new line of handcrafted products for the artful home. OUi is a modern expression of traditional craft, with simplicity, sustainability, health, and quality infused into the substance of each item.
OUi features a simple concept: a new candle & original textile design each month. this month, the candle is a cedarwood rosemary vanilla soy candle & it comes with a small, heart-shaped fabric ornament. february's "new-yorkaise" pattern is available as an 18 x 18" cotton pillow cover. there are also two options for candle subscriptions (6-month & 12-month), which i happen to think make fantastic gifts! each month's candle will be a new scent, come in various forms (pillars, jars, tapers, tins), and blended with natural waxes, non-toxic fragrances, & essential oils.
for a limited time, OUi is giving away one free cedarwood rosemary candle + the "new-yorkaise" fabric heart! to be eligible, please "like" our facebook page or follow us on twitter (@bonjourOUi) and then send us a message with the words "bonjour, OUi!". i will choose a winner by drawing a name on february 14th!
you can visit the new online OUi shop HERE! xx

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