i am such a zombie today. we got up suuuper early to catch a flight to new york this morning. we've been dealing with lots of ice & snow lately (snowpocalypse, anyone??!) and left early enough to get to the airport safely. i am a nervous flyer anyway, but between the roads, the flight, launching my new online shop (!!!), and work, i've sort of been a ball of nerves the last few days. (ok, i've been a bit of a basketcase.) so, it was such a sweet and calming surprise to finally get to the loft we're staying at in brooklyn and see how amazing & welcoming it is. i really haven't missed the city since we've moved, but maybe i do a little now... i mean, one could get used to that view! sunsets in new york??? new york has a horizon??! who knew!? one could also get used to sitting in one's eames(ish) lounge chair, sipping on one's chock-full-of-nuts while one works... duhhhhh.
all right, i am obviously losing it... besides, we have peruvian food to order-in! yay!
i can't go without reminding you all to sign up for the OUi soy candle giveaway! just "like" OUi on facebook or follow us on twitter & message the words "bonjour, OUi!" to be eligible. i'll pick a winner february 14th!

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