this week, i stumbled upon two posts on hand-carved stamps, one from celia and one from jenny. as a big fan of stamps, i now want to try carving my own! and so now, my new art/craft to-do list, as it looks after this week:

1. take a pottery wheel class // start making ceramics
2. hand-carve some stamps!

photo from geninne (she has some very informative stamp-carving tutorials)

p.s. am i really late to the party here, or have you all already discovered the amazing artists' archive that is UBUWEB?? as i typed, i was listening to marcel duchamp read "'the creative act,' a paper presented to the convention of the american federation of arts in houston, texas, april 1957." there are loads of interviews, audio & film recordings, transcribed papers & manifestos, and more to check out by artists, authors, playwrights & poets, ethno-musicologists, etc. check it out!

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