this is from my instagram feed (@bauwau). i finally enlarged a pic of the manhattan skyline that we took (via greenpoint) for our wedding invitation suite. got the idea via a desert fete long ago. just need to hang it.
anyhoo... gettin' on a jet plane and headin' to ny early tomorrow morn. haven't been in a full year. plans: eat luke's lobster. get haircut (for first time since last feb). see a few shows. eat good sushi (can not wait). eat yummy ramen. eat eat eat. see friends (yay!). go to the park. visit the met. visit the moma. visit shops galore... can't wait. xx

p.s. i absolutely can't shake m.i.a.'s born free, featuring suicide's martin rev. such a good song.

p.p.s. did i mention i haven't packed yet? it's 9:37pm. i leave the house at 5:45am. ...


Belinda said...

Have fun in NY.

I can't believe you left it so late to pack! That would stress me out. But I suppose anything you leave behind you can buy in NY. Probably an even better verson of what you left behind!

Various Projects said...

I'm such a hard-core procrastinator... especially when packing. :) In NY now, and loving it! xx