New OUI stockist: Pour Porter!

Noel and I collaborated on an exclusive-to-Pour Porter teacup-sized ceramic candle. I spent a lot of time finding the right scent that would match the jade & pink speckled glaze we chose and meet her request for a light, herbal blend. I found it in a mix of basil and anise (and even a bit of sage!) It's a lovely scent, with just a bit of depth and warmth from the anise.

There are also two different ceramic garlands available on the site: one in a pastel palette & another in a brights & darks palette. The beads come in three shapes - sphere, cube, & pyramid - and feature a mix of solid and speckled glazes.

Please check out her superbly curated site! I'm honored to be added to the amazing list of designers in her shop. x

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