"...a cosmos unto itself..."

this is a quote i've kept on my fridge since i tore it out of an article on the moma's willem de kooning retrospective last year. it pretty much sums up how i feel about art and art-making - to discover and create your own world.

today, i read a sight unseen post on the ever-awesome building block with a similar theme:

"it has always been about making our own world."

via i'm revolting (great article, su!)

photo via waka waka (great shelving unit, shin!)


New OUI stockist: Pour Porter!

Noel and I collaborated on an exclusive-to-Pour Porter teacup-sized ceramic candle. I spent a lot of time finding the right scent that would match the jade & pink speckled glaze we chose and meet her request for a light, herbal blend. I found it in a mix of basil and anise (and even a bit of sage!) It's a lovely scent, with just a bit of depth and warmth from the anise.

There are also two different ceramic garlands available on the site: one in a pastel palette & another in a brights & darks palette. The beads come in three shapes - sphere, cube, & pyramid - and feature a mix of solid and speckled glazes.

Please check out her superbly curated site! I'm honored to be added to the amazing list of designers in her shop. x


i'm so excited for next week! two crafts that i've been wanting to learn have suddenly come into my world! first, beatrice valenzuela posted the following pics on her instagram of a mini loom by linnaea saunders. inspired, i ordered one! i have never weaved (woven?) before but have always wanted to, and this mini loom seems so accessible.
second, i found out the jeweler down the road is offering her lost wax casting classes in the next few weeks! learning how to cast my own pieces has been on my list for a long time now, so i'm way pumped about this! x


the sweet anne of mcmc fragrances asked me to answer a few questions for her blog. check it out here. as a non-fan of conventional perfumes, i have been a fan of mcmc since day one (and still wear them everyday). thanks, anne!