Would love to have my own little Brooklyn shop one day - house plants in the windows, studio in the back...
A little garden...Much like the St. Kilda jewelry store in Park Slope where my wedding rings were crafted...

St. Kilda designer, Nora, also keeps a great blog.

I did see a quaint little storefront for rent yesterday, near the waterfront...


Holy wedding garland! I just received the "palette" for our Confetti System garland that I ordered for the wedding. It's goooorgeous! I cannot wait to see it completed. I have been a big fan of their products for a while now, and they've worked with a few of my faves: Opening Ceremony, Beach House (see below). I'm so excited to know such a beautiful & artful piece will be part of our special day.
(I can't believe I'm saying things like "our special day". What's happening to me?)
Confetti System for Beach House:


Watched "The Jerk" last night for the first time in maybe two decades. This lovely & surprising little ditty between Steve Marting & Bernadette Peters really stopped me in my tracks.


Ian Curtis died 30 years ago yesterday.
Levitation on the brain...

How do they do that?

photos via allibakes and Lover
video via simon


Truthfully, I'm fed up with wedding stuff these last few days... I still don't have a dress, the invitations need to get printed & sent ASAP (oh, don't even get me started on that netherworld they call "printing"!), among about a million other things that need to be done... all in the matter of a month or so. As Cathy would say, "Ack!!!" I'm entering far too close to that scary place that I was trying so hard to avoid...

So, what on earth could bring me back to the other side? This hand-wrapped package from Betsy Dunlap showed up on my doorstep last week. You've seen Betsy's beautiful calligraphy all over the web, from Martha to Design*Sponge.
We hired Betsy to address our envelopes, and throughout the whole process, she has been so kind & accomodating. She even included a handwritten note. It is definitely the little things that show you care. Made my day. Thanks, Betsy!


stroll over the w'burg bridge
dean & britta with joshua light showspectrum with joshua light showsunday stroll thru central park


Attention all New Yawkers!

My good friend from college, Sterlin Harjo, has a week-long run of his newest film, Barking Water, at the MoMA. The story is set against a road trip through my beautiful & wide-open homeland, Oklahoma.
The run ends on Monday, so you've (ahem... we've) still got some time to check it out.


Good Morning, bloggers. Having my morning tea & listening to a little mix by the Flashdance. Worked on our wedding invitations last night. After about four different versions, I ditched all the text and went a little nuts.Grant sees an album cover in his future...


Remember my pals, Jonny & Kaitlyn? Here's the happy married couple:Glad to see marriage hasn't dulled them any.
New wedding inspiration:
by Rosson Crow
I am so excited! I just got us tickets to see Dean & Britta (of Luna/Galaxie 500) and Spectrum (a.k.a. Pete Kember a.k.a. Sonic Boom of Spaceman 3!!!). We hold D&B and Spaceman 3 in very high regard in this household, and we've been wanting to see Sonic Boom play ever since we missed him play at the Deitch Gallery in 2005.
To top it off, they will be both be supported by The Joshua Light Show, the original rock projectionist (he did the projections at the original Filmore East & at the party scene in Midnight Cowboy).This is like a triple threat for us on some many different levels. I am such a 60's music freak. I love almost anything from those gloried rock 'n roll days. We long for a life a little like D&B - can you say scoring Andy Warhol films? And Grant only wished he lived in a world of knobs & wires & sequencers like Sonic's...

Speaking of, here's an interview we did with Dean when his book, "Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance," came out. I have some great footage from an extended interview with both Dean & Britta that I've been meaning to put together forevah. Just add it to my list...



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